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What We Do

Building and Construction

The process of disposing of concrete and brickwork from a demolished building can be expensive. The impact of costs for a new building project can also be significant. Especially when you consider the cost of transport and landfill charges.

It doesn’t have to be a costly process though. If you pick the most sensible option, which is choosing us to recycle the material into a useable resource, like aggregate – you’ll be saving on cost.

There are many benefits for choosing to crush and recycle concrete on-site. Depending on the scale of your construction project, you can use the aggregate for tasks such as building roads, paths, patios, driveways and more.

So, you’ll be saving on the expense you would have incurred purchasing the material for these tasks.

Farming and Agriculture

Disposing of waste from the demolition of old farm buildings or barns in disrepair doesn’t have to be an arduous or expensive task.

JTC Concrete Crushing can crush the concrete of old farm buildings and farmyards on-site and turn the waste into coarse or fine aggregate. This can then be used as the material for constructing gateways, hard-standing for vehicles and livestock, sub-bases for yards and sheds for cattle tracks.

Our mobile concrete crushing service will save on the cost and time spent buying and transporting the material to make the farming and agriculture-based tasks.

Landscaping and Garden Design

Landscaping and garden design projects can lead to a great deal of waste which you will have to pay to have removed. But why pay for removing it when you can have it changed into a usable material on-site?

We can provide concrete crushing services for waste concrete and tarmac used in landscaping projects such as old driveways, pathways, patios and brick walls.

The recycled aggregate created from crushing landscaping waste on-site can then be used in as a base material for future landscaping and garden design projects like new paths, patios and driveways. It can also be used to fill gabion baskets for the purposes of retaining walls.

This makes crushing the concrete waste from landscaping cost-productive as you are having waste removed and made into a useable material on-site which also means no transportation costs.

Domestic Concrete Crushing

Whether it’s a domestic project in your garden or house, there is likely to be concrete waste that you will need to arrange to remove from your property.

Hiring a skip and paying for transportation and landfill costs is expensive and may be an unexpected cost you didn’t even consider before starting your domestic project.

JTC Concrete Crushing supports private individuals with domestic construction and demolition projects. Our concrete crushing machine is small enough to access a domestic property in order to crush home or garden project waste on-site.

Once the concrete has been crushed, it can be used to build domestic projects such as paths, drives, foundations for patios or building extensions and hard standing for parking.

Our concrete crushing service will save you the expense of removing and transporting waste as well as the purchasing costs for the base material you would have used for future projects.

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